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induction furnace HTC-24

  • Rated power:2000W
  • Input voltage:AC 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Color:white,black
  • Phone: (0086)187-2095-9764 (alisa Li)
  • Fax: (0086)769-82893876
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induction furnace Model No.:HTC-24 



•Black Crystal Plate or Schott Ceran Plate or NEG Titanium Plate,size 28x27cm 

•Push Button & Knob Control Control,LED Display 

•Timer (0-4 Hours) 

•Power & Temperature Setting

•Over Heat/Current/Volatage Protection

•Auto switch off safety without pot 


•Unit Size(cm): 28*37*7.4



Packing Details:

G.B Size(cm):31.2*8.8*39.2

C.B Size(cm):54.4*32.7*40.6(6pcs)


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